Baptized: 9/12/2021

A few years ago at VBS, Mr. Jackie presented the gospel to me. I talked with my mom and dad that night, and I felt afraid that God wasn’t calling me to be a Christian yet. I also didn’t feel like I understood. It seemed to be more about being afraid to go to Hell than becoming a Christian. Over the next two years, I was waiting on God to call me to become a Christian. The whole week at VBS I learned more and more about Salvation and the Gospel. When Hunter presented the Gospel, I felt like God wanted me Follow Him in Christ. The next day my Dad, Hunter, and I met. During that meeting I felt completely ready. I knew this was something I needed to do. I had been worried about it for such a long time. I prayed and admitted I was a sinner, knew that I had done wrong. I prayed for forgiveness and asked for salvation. After praying, I felt relief. I am confident Christ has saved me.