Baptized: 6/26/2022

I have gone to Fredonia all my life and have always been taught about Jesus at home and in Sunday School, Mission Friends, and GA’s. I have gone on local, national, and international mission trips with my family and church family sharing God’s love with others, but I didn’t personally have Jesus in my heart. A couple of years ago one of my best friends got saved, and I got to go to her baptism. I started feeling a tugging at my heart then. Even the next week while doing my language arts, I felt conviction and talked to my momma about questions I had. I told her I wasn’t ready to be saved yet, and we just prayed together for God to let me know when it was time to ask Him into my heart. Last year while at CentriKid, I felt conviction again but still wasn’t ready. Then at VBS earlier this month Bro. Hunter presented the Gospel to our class. I still marked on the card that I wasn’t ready, but the next morning while feeding my cows I had a heavy heart and just felt God telling me it was time to surrender to Him. I came in and told Momma that I needed to talk to her. We went in her bedroom and sat down and talked. She asked if I was ready to pray and ask Jesus to be my savior, and I said yes! Daddy joined us, and I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart! I felt such a weight lifted. I’m finally a child of God.