Testimony_EricThomasBaptized: 7/13/14

One afternoon about 15 years ago, Brother Mike Johnson came by to visit Tammy and I.  We had visited at Martintown a couple of times and he stopped by to check on us.  I started talking to Brother Mike and I remember becoming fearful in the beginning, but I had such a sense of relief once we started praying and I asked the Lord to come into my life and save me.

We have had numerous things come up and we fell out of church without me following through in baptism.  We tried a couple of churches, but never found the right one.  Jimmy Forester asked us to come to Fredonia and so here we are.

At this time in my life I have come to realize that after so many Sundays spent working, God & my family need to be number one to me.  I would like to publically recognize Jesus Christ as my Savior and follow through with baptism.