Baptized: 4/21/24

About a year ago, I started asking mommy and daddy questions about heaven, hell, and what it meant to be saved. I felt that God was starting to talk to me last summer at VBS, but I was not ready yet. I am thankful for growing up in a Christian home with parents that care about me and love Jesus. Every night we pray together. I have grown up in church and Sunday School my whole life, learning about Jesus’s love for me. It was such a blessing to have Mrs. Cassie and Mrs. Kerri as my Bible Drill teachers. They helped me learn a lot about hiding God’s word in my heart. I was also able to learn more about the Bible from the other drillers. This school year has been great, because Mrs. Betsy always ties in Christian topics or God’s love for us during her lessons. On Easter morning this year, I felt like the Holy Spirit was talking to me. I feel like God was trying to talk to me more that week. That next weekend after a baseball game, I was talking to mommy + daddy and I told them that the Holy Spirit had been talking to me and that Jesus was already in my heart. Mr. Chris Bell came over later that week to talk to me and I knew God was telling me it was time to be saved. I am glad I had great role models that helped me with this time in my life. The day I got saved was the best day of my life. I couldn’t stop smiling. Now I can’t wait to tell all my friends about how much God loves them too.