Baptized: 2/28/2021

Growing up, Jacob went to church and knew from a young age that he believed in God.  He attended church camp in Tennessee when he would go visit his grandmother.  Going to church camp was not a religious experience for Jacob; but, more of a fun/social time for him.  When he got a little older, Jacob stopped going to church altogether.  Once he moved to Mississippi, he decided to go to church to get to know people and to make friends.  He knew that was not the reason to go to church.  He attended on Wednesday nights but never on Sunday.  One day, Breyden asked Jacob to go to church with him on a Sunday morning.  He thought that getting up early “one” Sunday was fine.  While he was here, he found himself enjoying, understanding and paying close attention in Sunday school and service.  He continued attending on Wednesday nights and as often as possible on Sunday to learn more about God.  As the time went on, it became less of going for friends but more of learning about God.

Around the start of 2021, when service would come to an end and Brother Jeremy would say, If you feel that you need to give your life to Christ, now is the time…Jacob would feel a tug on his heart.  As the times went on the tug became stronger.  He knew what he needed to do, because he knew what he believed.  About two weeks ago Hunter asked if Jacob would come to Wednesday service a little early to talk to him.  Hunter confirmed what Jacob already knew, which was that he had been paying more attention, taking notes and learning more about God’s word.  Hunter asked Jacob where he was with his faith and Jacob told him that he believes that Jesus is the son of God, that he was sent to die for our sins and that God is the creator of all things.  It was that night that Jacob knew that he needed to take the next step with his faith.  He knows that there is a void in his heart that needs to be filled by God.

Jacob says that now that he has God in his heart, he looks forward to learning more about God and all the great things He has done, and continues to do daily.  He knows that this is just the beginning of his spiritual journey; but he looks forward to trusting in Him to guide him in sharing the word of God and the knowledge of God with others.