Baptized: July 1, 2018

Every year, I look forward to VBS.  I enjoy learning new songs, learning about God and having fun with my friends.  This year at VBS something different happened to me.  I knew what the ABC’s of being a Christian were and what sin was.  God spoke to me!  I wanted to ask him into my heart.  I wanted to talk to my mom also.  So while we were eating lunch that day, I told her what happened at VBS.  We had a meeting with Brother Jeremy when we finished eating.  I told him I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart and become a Christian.  He asked me questions and we talked awhile, then we prayed together.  Jesus came into my heart and forgave all my sins!  Now I want to invite all my friends and family to church so they can learn all about Jesus.  I pray for people when they are sick or sad.  I hope all my family can be saved and go to Heaven.