testimony_jamesmooreBaptized: 11/20/2016

I’ve gone to church off and on through the years and in my late 20’s I thought I had gotten saved.  I started going through some tough times which caused me to be hard hearted and turn away from the Lord for the next 20 years or so.  After meeting and marrying Angie and seeing her love for the Lord and how important her relationship was with Him, I knew, but never wanted to admit, that my heart wasn’t right with Him.  She would talk to me a lot about obedience to the Lord and being the spiritual leader of the home but that was something I never even knew I was supposed to be or even how to be.  No matter how much she tried to get me to understand what a true relationship was with the Lord, I never desired to change.  I thought because I was a good person I would automatically go to Heaven so I saw no need for change.

One morning on the way to work I was listening to AFR and they talked about how couples could grow apart because Christ isn’t the center of their marriage.  I realized then that God was speaking to me.  On Saturday, October 29th, Angie and I had talked on and off about the Lord.  That night at 11:30, she came into the living room and asked me if I died tonight would I go to Heaven.  My answer was “no”!  I immediately knew God was tugging at my heart and that it was time!  We read Scripture together then I prayed the Sinner’s Prayer.  Since that night, there has been a transformation in me that I can’t even begin to explain and I thank God for not giving up on me!