Baptized: 7/14/13

I’ve always believed in God, considered myself a “good person” and always tried to make the “right choices.”  I attended church, but not regularly.  I was 15 years old in the summer of 1986.  I went to a Crusade led by Freddie Gage on the New Albany High School Football field.  As the pastor spoke that night, I understood that I was a sinner and realized I wasn’t going to heaven just by being a “good person” and making the “right choices.”

When invitation time came, I prayed and asked God to save me and I accepted Jesus that night.  There was the greatest sense of relief in my heart.  However, since I didn’t go to church regularly, I did not follow up with baptism.  I am finally coming forward publically today to announce my salvation and to thank Jesus Christ for His death on the cross for my sin.