Before my salvation experience, my life was really messed up.  Most of you know that I don’t really come from a strong family background and a lot of you have helped me and my siblings the best you can.  And I wanna thank all of you that have helped and donated so much for me to go to camp and other church events.  But life up to last Wednesday night was hard and unforgiving.  I made a lot of mistakes I wish I could take back, but I’m learning to let go and seek God’s wisdom about things.

Last Wednesday night I confessed a lot of my sins and mistakes to Mr. Miles.  I’ve always looked up to him and he’s someone I can trust.  He helped me and gave me a lot of advice.  After we were done talking, he asked me if I wanted Mrs. Alison up here and would it help for her to be here.  I replied yes.  I love Mrs. Alison and trust her with my life.  I’ve always looked up to her and always loved how much she’s cared about me.  When she got there I was surprised that Mr. Bo came too.  I explained that I wanted to be saved and Mr. Bo led me in a prayer.  After that I instantly started to feel God’s presence in my life.  And that’s led up to now.  I love all of you guys and wanna say thank you for all the prayers!!!