Baptized: 6/26/2022

Before I was placed in CPS custody I was someone that did what was needed to survive. I was considered “troubled youth” and I lived up to that name. I had no faith and I felt like God failed me.

The greatest blessing I’ve ever had is Matt and Jodi. A.k.a. my mom and dad. They gave me a chance to not only turn my life around but allowed me to grow, learn, and believe in myself.

I went to Journey Camp for the last two years. Last year I felt like God was talking to me, but I did not listen because I felt so much fear. I decided to close my heart off and enjoy the activities more than the sermons. When we got home I saw how much God touched Jacob and I longed for that faith.

This year I listened to the worship services with an open heart and knew that I needed God in my life.

Looking back to the day I was in the court room to be placed in CPS custody I didn’t know the reason I couldn’t get my mother to answer the phone. I didn’t realize it until a few nights ago when Nate (Journey) was talking about how Jesus healed a blind man but the man needed someone to guide him to Jesus. Jesus told him to rinse the mud out of his eyes. My mud was the struggles I had and the people who guided me were Judge Bell, Serena, and my lawyer. They guided me to my forever home with a family that loves me for me. This is the place where I could rinse the mud from my eyes.

I never thought I was going to be able to feel the comfort that I have now, until my eyes were rinsed of the mud.

So, thank you to all that prayed for me on this journey. Thank you mom and dad for giving me this life and your love. And a special thanks to Jacob for teaching me and leading me closer to God