Baptized: 8/7/2022

I’ve been going to church all my life. I’ve been hearing the stories of the Bible all my life. A couple years ago, I asked to speak to our youth pastor Brother Jeremy. I was starting to have questions about our Savior and how we follow Him. I wasn’t ready then but I definitely understood more. As time passed, I heard more about how amazing our God is. I wanted to continue learning more. This year I went to CentriKid camp. The pastor there, Brother Hunter, was telling all of us how to become part of God’s kingdom. I felt my chest get heavy. I knew Jesus was pulling me. I later told my mom and we asked our friend, Mrs. Leslie Randle, to come discuss things more. I prayed and asked to be saved and for Jesus to live in my heart forever! Since then I feel close to God and my fellow Christians. I want to encourage others to follow Jesus and be saved too! I feel it is the greatest gift in the world!