Baptized: 8/7/2022

I have been going to church here my whole life.  I had been thinking about getting saved for a few weeks and it had put a lot of weight on my shoulders.  I knew I believed in Him and I knew He died on the cross for my sins.  Then at Centrikid night worship, during one song, I felt Jesus tugging on my heart.  I did not want to tell anybody right away.  On the way to church worship time, mom asked me what was wrong?  I said I will tell you later.  A few minutes later I said I am ready to tell you now.  I am ready to ask Jesus into my heart.  I wanted her to tell Bro. Hunter.  He talked with me, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I called my dad right away to tell him.  I felt so good after that.  We then went to Bazooka ball and Bro. Hunter had told everyone and they were all screaming congratulations.  Now that I am saved, I am going to tell people about Jesus.