Testimony_MollyRandleBaptized: 12/7/14

I had been thinking a lot about getting saved ever since Grace got saved a year and a half ago.  I kept asking my Momma when Jesus was going to come into my heart.

A few Sunday nights ago, on the way home from Church, I was singing songs that I had made up about God.  I told Grace that I felt like Jesus was wanting to come into my heart.  My Momma and Daddy heard me, and when we got home, they talked to me and asked me questions.  After we talked, they asked if I wanted to pray and ask Jesus into my heart.

All five of us gathered together in the corner of the kitchen, and I asked Jesus to come into my heart and He did!  I was so happy that I had tears of joy.  Now I know I will be in heaven someday.

I love God, and I’m happy to be His child.  I want to serve Him in whatever way He wants me to, near or far, big or small.