Testimony_NickDunsonBaptized: 3/1/15

Fredonia Baptist Church was a great church over 20 years ago when Jackie and I first attended.  What a testimony it is to see not only the same faithful faces we knew then, but their children, who are now adults with their families, still serving strong!  Because of your strong testimony, I believe each of you played an active part in Nick’s decision to accept Christ as his Savior.

Nick has always amazed me with his comprehension and understanding of God’s love.  Nick experienced not only his first church camp, but his first real time to be away from home and family this past summer at Camp Morganwood.  Although he was a bit apprehensive, his love for fun and his desire to be with friends compelled him to go.  Camp workers, you may have come home tired and exhausted, but your efforts were not in vain.

Nick came home excited, with fun tales to tell; but most importantly talking about the Weird Animals and the lessons he had learned.  He has since been filled with questions about heaven and what it will be like; who will go there and if they don’t go to heaven- then where?  Many nights when we have our bedtime snuggle time, his inquisitive mind is seeking spiritual insight or telling of Bible stories and always- more questions.

On January 5, while I was cooking supper, Nick came to me asking how to ask Jesus into his heart.  Immediately I turned off the stove and said, let’s get your Dad.  Jackie had the joyous honor of leading  Nick to Christ that night.  Nick’s immediate response was to ask if Brianna would be going to heaven too!  And then he proceeded to go down the line, asking about all the rest of his family.  He has since told many others of his decision;  we are so proud of him and his desire to follow up with baptism today.

 By Reba Dunson