Baptized: 8/4/13

Testimony_NoelWickerWhen I was younger I was saved at Fredonia.  I went through my life thinking I was saved and a Christian.  After marrying into Brett’s family I realized I wasn’t.  I was surrounded by such wonderful Christian people.  I noticed I didn’t have the same compassion or open heart for the Word of God like so many of his family members.  Like others, I was scared to come forward and scared to make a change.

     A few weeks back, Brother Chris mentioned a part of his testimony and it weighed on my heart.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it or control my emotions while even speaking about it.  I knew God was pulling at my heart.

     I confessed my feelings to Missy Bell and she explained to me what to do and to continue to pray about it.  She also shared with me about things that God was doing in her life.  Two Sundays ago, I couldn’t contain my feelings anymore.  I knew God was calling me.  Now, following in baptism, I come with an open heart and I’m ready to start my new life with Jesus as my Savior and my Guide.