Testimony_OwenRicheyBaptized: 10/26/14

When my older brother, Dillon, got saved a couple of years ago, I started asking questions about what it meant to be saved. I talked to my mom and dad about it, but realized I was not ready. I have been in church all my life and have heard about the ABC’s of being a Christian each year in Vacation Bible School. This year during VBS, I talked to Bro. Cody about salvation and he answered some of my questions. A few weeks ago at the Pumpkin Patch service, Bro. Chris led us in a prayer and he asked us to raise our hands if we had questions so I did. On Thursday night after the Pumpkin Patch, my dad and I were laying in bed and we started talking about salvation. That night I told Jesus that I was sorry for my sins and I asked him to save me. I now feel peaceful knowing that I’m saved.