Testimony_PeytonWickerBaptized: 6/23/13

My name is Peyton Wicker & I have been going to Fredonia Baptist Church all my life.  Mrs. Cary Weeden has been my Sunday School teacher since I was a year old.  I have attended VBS, Children’s Camps, Mission Friends & now I’m in the RA’s and will be going to my 1st Centri-Kids camp this year.

I had started asking my grandmother questions about being saved.  This year at VBS I filled out the form that I wanted to be saved.  I was glad it was my Uncle Mike that called my name.  It was easy to talk to him & Bro. Chris.  They asked me a lot of questions and then I ask Jesus to come into my heart. “It felt good”.  I’m glad that Jesus will listen and answer my prayers and I will be going to heaven.