Testimony_RebeccaGrishamBaptized: 8/18/13

I really don’t know what to say, but Mrs. Tonya told me to speak from my heart so that’s what I am going to do.  Before I got saved I was mean to almost everyone.  I hardly ever smiled.  I called people names, and I said bad words a lot, but now I don’t say bad words.  I am not that mean, and now I smile the biggest smile ever all because God came into my life at Centrikid.

          At CentriKid one night Mrs. Angela came to my room and was talking to me, Cheyanne, and Destiny about loving one another.  When she left the room I laid down and started thinking really hard about God and what she said.  The next day at worship I was crying and putting up my hands on every song.

 The next night, on Thursday after worship at church group time, Mr. Jeff told us to raise our hands if anyone had a question.  I was telling myself not to raise my hand, but I raised it anyway.  When I raised my hand Mr. Jeff took me, Mrs. Angela, and Mrs. Hope to a room.  We sat in there talking about God.  Mrs. Angela and Mrs. Hope read a few verses out of the Bible to me.  That’s when I told them that when I got saved before I felt I just did it for other people and not for myself and God.  Then a few minutes later I got saved.  I could feel God’s presence.  I could feel him with me.  I could tell He was changing my life.

     When Mrs. Hope told me I had to walk in the room and tell everyone I got scared, but when I went in there I was proud.  Everyone cheered and then I started to tell everyone I was sorry for everything.  Destiny Jackson helped me.  She stuck by me the whole way through.  That’s why she is my best friend.  I would like to end with saying thanks to Mrs. Angela, Mrs. Hope, Mrs. Sony, and Destiny.  Thanks for standing by me.