Testimony_RomonaCrossenBaptized: 8/28/2016

When I was 9 I felt the pull of God in my heart. I believed I had been saved. However, I truly didn’t comprehend His grace and mercy, nor the gift He had given us in Christ. Because of this it seemed that I could never find peace, never feel secure in my life. 

Three years ago I met a man who told me his story and how Christ had changed his life. It really forced me to look at my life. From that visit forward I began to question my beliefs. Did I really know Him? I felt so confident my understanding was solid, yet i didn’t read the Word, I didn’t seek Him.

God began to move in my life. Everything I saw and heard seemed to bring focus to Him, but I still wouldn’t admit I needed Him to take control. I wanted to control my life. My desire for that control had me stressed and miserable. And all I seemed to do was make mistakes, go the wrong way. 

Then I had a dream. I dreamt I was standing alone, yet I wasn’t alone. Although I don’t recall actual words I felt a voice tell me that I knew where I stood in my life was not enough. I woke up in awe and afraid. But it wasn’t that I was scared of the dream or of God, but of the realization that I was not saved. In the middle of the night, on my knees in the dark, I thanked God for the Perfect Sacrifice that saved me, and I asked for my sins to be forgiven. I gave everything I had ever worried over to Him. 

Worry had flooded my life and stressed me so badly, but when I rose from my knees that night I felt free. I woke facing all the things I had the day before but I didn’t feel alone in it. And I didn’t have to control it all. 

For three years I’ve tried to follow Him and understand His Word alone. I felt an urging to reach out. To not try to stand alone in my faith. It is possible to follow in your faith alone, but brothers and sisters in Christ can tell you what they have learned, show you how He has helped them, lead you to see Him in a stronger light, and open a way for you to tell others the beautiful things God has done for you.  Our Father can use this family to teach you. I needed a family and I’ve found it here with every class, every sermon. 

In a few short months, I have seen God’s Grace and Mercy like never before. Instead of feeling like an outsider, not like the rest, I have felt as if I’m just one of the family, finally making it in the door. 

I’ve never felt so safe before and that’s hard to explain…but because of it, I’m ready to give my everything to serve the One God. I’ll give my time, my words, my life. As Brother Chris said, I’m all in.