Baptized: 4/21/24

For sometime now I have had conversations with my mom about Jesus , getting saved, what it means to be saved and knowing that I will have my spot in heaven when I die. Slowly I started paying more attention in class and during our worship services. I had felt the Lord dealing with my heart for some time and I just came to realize the fullness of Gods plan of salvation and the consequences if I rejected that. The burden became so great that one morning Macie could see it all over my face. She spoke with me about it some and then she got dad together with us and we talked for a minute about it. Dad asked if I fully understood what it meant to be saved and if I was ready and I said YES!! So we bowed down and I prayed for Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour one Saturday morning. I cannot thank my mom and family enough for talking to me and being persistent about this. I feel a great burden lifted off of my heart as I know my friends and family does as well.