Baptized: 8/7/2022

I have always grew up in church and have always known about about Jesus. I have always tried to help out my friends and family. I started taking being a christian more seriously around junior high when I could go to camps with First Baptist In Pontotoc. The summer after 8th grade, I went to a church camp called Super Summer and it really changed my state of mind. I had so many great talks with people there and had a moving experience as a whole. Then I had to move at the beginning of high school which was really upsetting for me. I was going to move away from all of the people I grew bonds with. I would move and still try to go to First Baptist but making a 30 min drive every Sunday and Wednesday was not enjoyable. So eventually I would end up here at Fredonia with people who know me. I’m getting baptized because I have always been a follower of Christ and I haven’t done it in the past. I plan to strengthen my relationship with Christ and become a better disciple of Him. I know there will be times I’ll struggle with but it will be okay because I walk with Jesus.